Republicans Finally Anoint Their Own President

Republican President Netanyahu received a Presidential welcome yesterday and I for one couldn’t be happier. It’s a dream come true for millions of Republicans, like living in the Garden of Eden. Listen, the slaps across the faces of all those 2016 GOP Presidential candidates was heard around the world. Republicans publicly admitted they no longer believe in electing a Republican President. Can you blame them? Just look at all those circus clowns masquerading as GOP Presidential candidates? C’mon, anointing a foreign leader as the Republican President was the actions of a hopeless men, i.e. John Boehner. Truth be told, there are consequences for kowtowing to hostage takers and feeling hopelessness is just one of them. So, now you know, but the best part, Republicans as well as the corporate media apparatus will never reconcile with reality, which is actually good news for Bloggers. ;-D

While Republicans fade into their fantasy world of anointing Presidents, the rest of us will move forward by honoring every American worker and our worthiness to receive Income Equality. A fifteen ($15.00) dollar minimum wage federal law is an ideal whose time has come. Are you feeling me? ;-D

Kudos to Hillary Rodham Clinton for her brilliancy at getting the dog to chase its tail. Love it.

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