The Moment of Awareness

I blog virtually everyday and must say that expressing my opinions creatively is like lavishing in generosity. The more I blog, the more generosity comes into my life. Generosity from near and far, and it feels like a neon lights festival from the Kind and Generous community. I also feel like a kid in a toy store everyday, it’s never-ending fun. Get the picture? ;-D That’s how I feel today, but in the beginning of this journey, I was seduced over and over again by the desire to quit blogging. If you’re feeling the desires to quit blogging, those feelings have come to pass. Listen, you could join two of my favorite clubs and by the way, I have Gold membership status in both, so my recommendation will go far. Oh, you want to know the names of both clubs, silly me, it’s The “I’m Contemplating” and “I’m Not Contemplating” clubs, in regards to earning a generous income by blogging. ;-D

On the other side of this toy store, one of my favorite toys to write about. The corporate media apparatus doll who is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Yea, thinking that those Tea Party Patriots walked with courage, no, just the opposite, underneath their patriotic veneer they’re nothing more than hostage takers. The corporate media apparatus can chose to ignore how often and without hesitation Republicans kowtow to these hostage takers, but Bloggers can fill that void.

While the hostage takers use fear to conceal their only agenda, which is helping the 1% accumulate more wealth, Income Equality will fill the void in America, because you and I are worthy of Income Equality.

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