Get That Dirt Off Your Shoulders

Boehner and McConnell can’t caught a break, they’re worried and rightfully so, because their perpetual kowtowing to the extremists in their own party set off panic buttons in the minds of Republican voters. Let me remind you how the Tea Party movement reached national attention? FOX and friends gave these extremists a big platform. Did FOX and friends not know that underneath those patriotic veneers, the Tea Party extremists were hostage takers? Don’t think so? How many times since 2009, did extremists threatened to abduct or actually abducted our Government and were encouraged by FOX and friends. Here’s the best part, after six years of calling the kettle black, FOX and friends are now suffering from Stockholm syndrome. As it that wasn’t enough, we literally have front row seats to the very comical performances of all the GOP Presidential candidates. C’mon, what better way to watching a bunch of Grifters kowtow to the extremists until one of them wins the nomination. The first prerequisite of becoming a Republican Presidential candidate is kowtowing to extremists. You heard it here first! ;-D

OK, not to be ignored, Income Equality is already here, so the question is, “Are you ready?” I say, “YES!” Why, because you and I are worthy of Income Equality. There are Phenoms in Washington, so relax, get that dirt off your shoulders.

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