Pot of Gold

People who came to America seeking their own pot of gold (A better life) are worthy of amnesty. It’s the least we could do. Seriously, some of ya need to stop being so serious about immigration to the degree of Hostage Taking. Really, on what planet are Hostage Takers held in high esteem? Oh, my bad, in Washington D.C. It’s starting to make sense that angry, stressed out politicians, most of whom are male, take everything so seriously to the degree of Hostage Taking. I’m so glad we have those who are aligned with Grace Under Fire, who know a thing or two about annihilating Hostage Takers. Remember, astute observers decided that in the 21st Century, one of the prerequisites of becoming Commander-In-Chief was being aligned with Grace Under Fire. We deserve the best and now we have it, just saying!

Income Equality is as attracted to you, as you are attracted to Income Equality. You and I are worthy of Income Equality. There are other Phenoms in Washington representing Democracy, so yea, our political future will shine bright. Living in the 21st Century has its benefits, just saying.

Of course, 19th Century Politicians hold a bible in one hand, while simultaneously practicing Hostage Taking with the other hand and bemoaning that they’re being unfairly treated. What a scam, but hey, I ain’t mad at ya, scam on!

Income Equality is synonyms with Amnesty, the more the merrier.

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