The Battle Over Immigration

On the one hand, we see the ideology of Republicanism, On the other hand, Democracy. Democracy only has empathy for the millions of Americans opposing amnesty, it’s not their fault. However, we, the rest of us living in a Democracy, look forward to our future, because we’re aligned with amnesty. There are no borders in a Democracy, everybody is welcome everywhere and contrary to those fear mongers, our healing spirit will always be present. The debate is over, the only thing left to do is amnesty. Then we can move on to ending world hunger. We have mountains to climb, the more is merrier, you feeling me?

History will be on the side of the 21st Century Politician, who granted Executive Amnesty to our brothers and sisters. I know there are Grifters out there not happy about that, so what, who give a rat’s ass about their opposition? They’re so stuck in the 1800’s, it’s almost comical. Truth be told, the ideology of Republicanism is boring, repetitive, dull, stale, tired, mind-numbing, unwatchable, humdrum, uninteresting, mechanical, or in other words, like watching paint dry, a snooze factor. Get the picture?

Lets talk about how excited, fired up, psyched, enthusiastic, passionate, energetic, and thrilled we are about Income Equality. In other words, we’re partying up in here! ;-D

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