Griftative Action

Unlike its opposite, Affirmative Action, Griftative Action means a redistricting policy favoring those who are politically incompetent. Government shutdowns gives politically incompetent politicians street cred, bragging rights, and my favorite, quid pro quo! Grifters get your billions back! ;-D

Griftative Action also means voter suppression laws favoring those who are politically incompetent. The aim of electing politically incompetent people to serve in Congress was and is held in high esteem in Republican politics. On the other hand, we had the privilege of electing Infinite Intelligence as our Commander-In-Chief. In order words, duality. As long as we have duality, we’ll be alright. Seriously, one person aligned with Infinite Intelligence, is more powerful than millions of people aligned with Griftative Action. Just saying! ;-D

You and I are worthy of Income Equality, a fifteen ($15.00) dollar minimum wage federal law and might I just add, lowering the retirement age to fifty (50).

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