A Different Kind of Magic

I think it’s safe to say that overpaid Grifters in the Retail Corporate world are aplenty. I know, I currently work for some. How else would you describe a Nationally known Retail Department store’s monthly scam of offering coupons in name only. Ninety-nine percent of the time, the coupons are just a pathetic trick to luring customers into the store. Once the scam is revealed to the customer at the point of purchase, they [customers] all react differently and guess who gets to brunt of that rage? The underpaid hourly employees and the low-level supervisors. The Grifters, I know them as overpaid Executives, who perpetrated this scam, blame the underpaid hourly employees and the low-level supervisors for all customer’s complaint. This on top of one of the most egregious scam perpetrated by these same overpaid Retail Executives. The credit application scam, a sinister policy to intimidate, bully, and harass underpaid hourly employees on a daily basis, even to the point of denying an underpaid hourly employee a yearly raise. What these same overpaid Executives won’t tell you, is just how badly this scam backfired on them. I’d often wondered why so many petty Grifters frequent the store where I work. It was staring me right in front of my face for two and a half years, that petty Grifters had and are scamming this company right under their noses. Yes, that’s right, petty Grifters instinctively knew this retail store’s, like other retail store’s, obsession with opening new credit applications for every customers who came in to shop, was a scam. They [Petty Grifters], outwitted those overpaid Grifters, in the retail corporate world by applying for and receiving credit. Then a whole new level of scamming commenced. Take one of the many scams a petty Grifter armed with a store credit had and will perpetrate. She will purchase “Michael Kors” purses from this Retail Store, bring back phony “Michael Kors” purses purchase for far less money,from any outlet store, and because she had a valid receipt, received a refund. If a Sales Associate can’t tell a “Michael Kors” authentic purse from a phony one, well you get the picture. How much money did this one petty Grifter make off this one heist, the world may never know. Here’s the best part, because those overpaid Executives in the Retail world are Grifters, they blame the heist of millions of dollars perpetrated by their own credit card customers on their underpaid hourly employees. I get it, the real “Magic” at this Nationally known Retail store is how overpaid Grifters are being scammed by petty Grifters armed with a store credit card.

I ain’t made at petty Grifters, unlike me, they make thousands of dollars per hour scamming these retail store via a store credit card? I’ll have to admit, it’s starting to makes sense why retail stores don’t want to increase the starting pay for their hourly employees to fifteen ($15.00) dollars an hour? Because there are so many scams being perpetrated on a daily basis by these petty Grifters armed with a store credit card, that somebody has to pay for it and it won’t be the overpaid Executives.

So, let me recap, we have an entire political party of Grifters in Washington, numerous Grifters in the Corporate world, and numerous petty Grifters, all from the 20th Century. Hello, and welcome to the 21st Century, where your chickens have come home to roost. Just saying! ;-D

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