In order to get an invitation to this dance, you must first leave the storm that is filled with contentious people. Ok, what exactly does that mean? One of the prerequisite to becoming your greatest version is laser focusing on your goal(s). Another prerequisite, maintaining a gratitude consciousness. Every moment is a moment to be thankful, enough said. Know this, you will be unmercifully tempted and seduced by your ego. As in my case, whenever I’d capitulated to my ego, I become one contentious person. Yea, I’ll admit, I’d been in the storm more than once. I ain’t mad at contentious people. ;-D

Sending prosperity to others creates prosperity for the sender. In other words, “What you think will expand in your life.” Holy smokes, I didn’t forget about all those distractions swirling around you, tempted your ego to come out and play, I feel your challenge, it’s my challenge too. Listen, your unique ideas for sending prosperity to others, are just as important as my ideas. So, let’s do this. This bares repeating, “A fifteen ($15.00) dollar minimum wage federal law.” Prosperity for all. ;-D