Gratitude A Path to Democracy

By now, you’re starting to or you’ve acknowledged the efficacy of President Obama. With that said, all I can say is, “I’m grateful.”
However, the scarcity consciousness permeating in the Republican Party, masquerading as conservatism, is so 20th Century. By now, you’re starting to or you’ve acknowledged that Citizens United expedited the illegitimacy of the GOP. Here’s a question for inquiring minds, “Was Citizens United a strategy perpetrated on naive Republicans by a political genius, or was it karma?” Let me have some fun with this for one second, “Was Citizens United a scam, or was it chickens coming home to roost?”Was Citizens United a Trojan Horse, or was it the Fall of Rome?” Any hoot, books about Citizens United will be written, movies will be shown, but will anybody really know? ;-D

With this shit storm of ineptitude swirling around Washington, courtesy of Republicans, Democracy will remain and flourish in the center. Income Equality is already here, because you and I are worthy of it as much as we’re worthy of our Government of the people, by the people, and for the people. AMEN!

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