Black Republicans

I know your pain, but from different circumstances, you want acceptance, validation, and you need attention, but what you actually get from the Grand Old Republican Party is, “Fuck you and the horse you came riding in on.” That could be really exhausting for anyone, like watching Black Republicans relishing in their fifteen minutes of fame for harshly critiquing our President. I’m guessing there are other Black Republicans secretly meeting for moral support. Like a battered wife support group. Because here’s the question, “Why do you stay in an abusive relationship?” I get it, I ain’t mad at cha, as long as you’re making money.

Income Equality knows no bounds, it flows effortlessly, and is already here. You and I are worthy of Income Equality, whatever it means to you. Every working American deserves a livable wage, no matter what job they decide to do. If someone willingly decided to live in an abusive relationship in order to make a livable wage, who am I to judge, Que Sera, Sera.

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