Republicans Are Hell Bent On Dragging Us Back Into The 20th Century

Good luck with that! Oh and by the way Republicans, your strategy of re-living the 20th Century has its benefits. Seriously, American politics had advanced over the last six years, and there’s a wide gap between political strategies being waged in Washington. If you missed the last fifty years, you’re in luck, because one political party insists on living in the past Century. It’s like viewing history in real time. It’s fabulous if I may say so. You feeling me?

Voter suppression, restricted rights, rigged elections, intimidation, you name it, Republicans are obsessed with 20th Century politics. I’m guessing they want a magical solutions while not believing in magic. Hey, I ain’t mad at Republicans, they’re a real time soap opera.

While the Elephant is away, Income Equality is here to stay.

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