The New GOP Scam

Linguistic charades is the new GOP scam currently being perpetrating on naive psyches. The GOP Grifter’s rhetoric about the one percent (1%) doing better in Obama’s economy can easily be translating into, “Ronald Reagan’s Trickle-Down economics was a scam.” Knowing that and feeling that, even the most naive psyches are no longer fooled by this scam, so what did GOP Grifters do, they scurried back into their lairs and came out with a new scam. As exciting as that is, Income Equality still ranks high with excitement. Seriously, if you think predators like those Payday Lending scams are a dime a dozen, scamming poor, underpaid working Americans one high interest rate at a time, think again. When you’re earning a livable wage, predators pushing easy and high interest credit will be everywhere. You will be seduced by easy credit opportunities and it will be up to you, on how you handle it. Which brings me to this, there will be numerous opportunities for livable wage earners to invest some of their money. First you’ll have to decide if you want to fill the confers of predators, or fill the confers of your savings account.

Another investment to keep in mind is taking care of yourself, i.e. eating healthier and exercising. Just saying.

You won’t catch me without my dream of cashing in on this Income Equality trend. The more money, the more opportunities.

You and I are worthy of Income Equality.

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