Are You Ready?

To leave behind stagnant wages and feel comfortable living with a fifteen ($15.00) dollar minimum wage federal law. It won’t be an instant transition, some of us do and will resist our worthiness to receive abundance. That’s OK, it’s normal to feel a level of distrust and uneasiness. If you’re like millions of underpaid American workers, you don’t know what a livable feels like in real time. It’s one thing to feel worthy while being underpaid, you’re comfortable with that, it’s another story actually receiving a livable wage. Don’t get me twisted, a livable wage has its benefits. Being able to afford the basics, food, shelter, clothing, and entertainment, feels worthy. It’s money well-spent and creates more wealth for every community across America. You’ll be alright.

On the side of Income Equality are the greatest version of Democracy. Relax, there are a few elected officials (elected not to be confused with purchasing an Congressional seat),in Washington that are aligned with Infinite Wisdom. They are all on the side of Income Equality and it’s a win, win for Progressives.

Look no further than our current President to knowing how Infinite Patience wiped the floor with Ego-driven illusionists masquerading as Conservative Politicians.

Equality knows no bounds and yes, you and I are worthy of Income Equality.

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