The Band on the deck of the Conservative Ideology Titanic

As the Conservative Ideology Titanic continues to sink into the abyss of obscurity, there are those who refuse to leave. Such is Sean Hannity. His divisive, arrogant, self-loathing persona has all but isolated him and others on the deck of the Conservative Ideology Titanic. Another band member, Chris Christie and his rush to judgement, doing more harm than good to his Presidential aspirations, has been shunned by the corporate media apparatus. His bullying persona once was his claim to fame, but today, not so much. The indelible image of Chris Christie falling from a chair was a fitting end to his fall from Grifting. As if that wasn’t hilarious enough, how delusional can Jeb Bush be? Really, as Governor, Jeb Bush cemented his brother’s, Bush II heist of the Presidential election of 2000, just so the heist of the Government treasury went to Chaney. Hold up, my favorite, Gov. Scott Walker, Nixon on Meth, became the Conservative’s new sensation of hopelessness. After 30 years of failed Conservative ideology, the band plays on!

How would you feel, if you had to look in the mirror today and see the agony of defeat. Well, if you’re like millions of Americans who invested in the Conservative ideology, that sucks. The Conservative ideology was a scam, perpetrated by Grifters, in it to heist the Governments’ treasury. First, they knew they had to voter-rig future elections and the creme dela creme scam, Citizens United, the biggest political failure so far in the 21st Century. How’s that for karma.

If you managed to elude the political cow dung aka Conservative ideology, being flung around Washington for 30-plus years, you knew that eventually more people would wake up, smell the stank and run towards Democracy.

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