The Community Organizer That Could

Did you see it? You know, how the community organizer rose up from obscurity, became President of the United States and kicked the Conservative ideology’s ass. Today, Republicans feel the agony of defeat. Oh, it gets better, how hilarious for Republicans to be waving their white flags while trying to save face by impersonating President Obama. Who’s your daddy now Bitch McConnell?

Am I wrong? Did you not hear and see Boehner, McConnell, and Ryan, all get in front of a microphone recently and perform their best impression of President Obama while blaming President Obama for 30 years of failed Conservative ideology. Does it get any funnier than that? “YES.” I’m looking forward to all those Grifters screwing each other for the ultimate prize, the GOP Presidential nomination. Who wouldn’t be?

So there you have it, the American people have indeed spoken and we said, “We deserve a fifteen ($15.00) dollar minimum wage federal law.” Get out of the way Republicans, ain’t nobody got time for your bullshit. Just saying! ;-D

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