Citizens United is the 21st Century Biggest Political Failure…so far

The only reason Republicans are so enamored with Middle Class Americans, because their strategy of buying elections failed miserably. They [Republicans] won’t tell you, but their colossal failure at buying elections, i.e., Citizens United was put to rest on January 20, 2015. Today’s Republicans are so desperate for a “winning” strategy to the degree of hijacking President Obama’s strategy of honoring Middle Class Americans. As delightful as that is, President Obama is the exact same man, Republicans perceived as illegitimate for six years, while they strutted around Washington giving the Middle Class the middle finger. Republicans were as arrogant as Richard Nixon, (I’m not a crook) as delusional as Ronald Reagan, (Government is the problem) and as inept as Bush II, (Mission Accomplished). From there, Citizens United was born on Thursday January 21, 2010. Tea Party please, no Republican can blame President Obama for their mistake of talking from both sides of their mouth. C’mon, Citizens United was the pathway to illegitimacy. Buying elections was somehow confused as winning elections, on what planet? Seriously, Republicans spent six years perfecting their own illegitimacy via Citizens United and have nothing to show for it, but a big fat goose egg. Today, the illegitimate GOPers are fantasizing about performing their best impression of the man they perceived as illegitimate for six years. Funny how Republican lived up to the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.” Today, they don’t even want it. For six years, Republicans wished President Obama was illegitimate, instead they are illegitimate thanks to Citizens United. Can somebody make a movie about this shit, please! Just saying! ;-D

I got dibs on the book rights…My titled of choice, “The Rise and Fall of Citizens United” How an entire political party, corporate media apparatus, and 5 SCOTUS Justices sank the Conservative ideology in five short years. Coming to a ebook soon! ;-D

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