May I Remind Boehner and McConnell and the rest of those Grifters

That from 2009 to 2014, they, i.e. the entire Republican Party, a corporate media apparatus, and a astro-turf movement held on tightly to their birther conspiracy, just to justified their perception that our first African-American President was illegitimate. With that said, here we are today, and guess what, Boehner and McConnell as well as all those millions of Americans who underestimated our first African-American President, are attempting to steal his identity. Why? Because Republicans, the corporate media apparatus, and the astro-turf movement have openly waved the white flag of defeat. As fascinating as that is, we, Progressives, have a lot to look forward to. First, our President is having the time of his Presidency. He flipped the script on those lame ass Republicans, discredited the corporate media apparatus, and pulled up the astro-turf because it was rotten. Then, Boehner and McConnell dragged their cowardly asses to 60 Minutes to perform their first of many Mela cupa.

As if that wasn’t enough, millions of Americans this morning have to deal with the fact, that for eight years, they were swindled by Sarah Palin. After her recent disastrous speech, where she was mumbling, stumbling, and as incoherent as a drunken moonshiner, millions of her supporters can’t ignore Sarah’s true authenticity. She is an authentic Grifter.

Look for Republicans to attempt to change history, because after the 2014 election “wins”, we now know, and thanks to Citizens United, that the Republicans are the illegitimate Party. Buying elections is not the same as winning elections. Just saying!

The architects of Income Equality are the millions of underpaid American Workers, united for a purpose, a fifteen ($15.00) dollar minimum wage federal law. Thanks to Democrats for laying down the tracks for this Income Equality train to go from state to state, honoring the worthiness of every American Worker. Relax, you and I, Republicans and Democrats, old and young, more pigmentation and less pigmentation, etc…are worthy of abundance. ;-D

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