Cheaters Never Win

Watching John Boehner and Mitch McConnell cowardly kowtowing to the extremists in the Republican Party on a weekly basis, has its benefits. Inquiry minds want to know if John Boehner and Mitch McConnell willingly gave, or were duped into relinquishing total control to the extremists in their party? Remember the first time the extremist held our Government hostage? I think it’s safe to say that all the threats, or actual abduction of our Government by these extremists had left millions of Americans suffering from Stockholm syndrome. Seriously, Boehner and McConnell are praying that you and I are not paying attention to the other side of this DHS story. First let me remind you, say what you want about President Obama, but he has not kowtowed to anyone, while Boehner and McConnell often kowtow to the extremists in their party. The best part, more and more Republican voters can’t ignore how duped they felt for supporting the Republican Party and the only remedy for them is to vote straight Democratic for the rest of their lives. Who in their right mind would defend the utter and complete failure of the 2010 Republican’s redistricting ploy. Boehner, McConnell, and the majority of Republicans won’t tell you this, but the extremists had taken over their party officially after the 2010 redistricting ploy, causing the panic button to go off in the consciousness of millions of Republican voters. Talk about voter’s remorse. Today, Republican voters can no longer pretend that the Tea Party extremists are not Hostage Takers. OK, say what you want about Democrats, we have 99 problems, but kowtowing to Hostage Takers ain’t one. It’s time for Republican voters to stand up to these Hostage Takers, that’s the real story! This DHS debacle is not a “fight” between the GOP and Dems, far from that, it’s a Hostage Taking scam perpetrated by extremists and paid for by Billionaires. Which brings me to the colossal failure known as Citizens United. So, fifteen years into this new century, Republicans had stacked and continue to stack up failure after failure to the degree that many Republican voters had and will jump ship. The moral of this story, cheaters never win.

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