More Funny Stories From the Architects of Income Equality

Some Democrats were more than happy giving our environment the middle finger. All for some withdrawals from the bank of wealthy billionaires. This way they can continue to do what they do best, get re-elected. Politicians who talk out of both sides of their mouth, has its benefits. I ain’t mad at cha, it’s called politics.

C’mon, you didn’t think Democrats would suddenly grow a conscience and legislate for the majority of Americans. Because if you did, you’re in for a bumpy ride. What those Democrats did by sided with Republicans over every oil Executives wet dream, “Keystone Pipeline,” was a tactic called, “Quid Pro Quo.” We all witnessed the ass whooping Republicans received during the SOTU speech, so if some Democrats saw an opportunity to practice quid pro quo, then who am I to judge. ;-D

Oh, and by the way Republicans, vilifying Americans on Government social programs just proves how much of a coward you are and how much you have your head stuck up the asses of Wall Street. Making others feel unworthy, two can play that game. You can dish it out, lets see if you take it. ;-D

Americans on Government social programs are worthy of an enormous income increase. If you’re on Disability, Social Security, etc, you’re worthy of a livable income. You deserve and are worthy of abundance. I can just hear the cowards, but here’s the real deal. Just like there are plenty of Grifters in politics, there are plenty of Grifters in all walks of life. Don’t get your panties in a bunch over amateur Grifters when professional Grifters make up the entire Republican Party and a majority of the Democratic Party. Just saying!

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