Fool’s Errand

It’s always a fool’s errand to preach what you don’t practice, but in today’s politics, that behavior is rewarded financially. Which by the way, attracts plenty of Grifters. C’mon, we’re living in Democracy, because Grifters are aplenty. Trust me, Grifters are always on the lookout for individuals to scam or swindle, by any means necessary. I ain’t mad at Grifters, no just the opposite, they are a source of funny stories to blog about.

Take for example the Republican’s kangaroo court hearings in Washington. Republicans are so obsessed with Eric Holder, it’s like a Tea Party version of, “Guess who’s not coming to dinner?.” As if that wasn’t enough, we just got a sneak peak into the GOPers 2016 Presidential candidates. All I can say is, “Grifters Paradise.” To say our cup runneth over, would be an understatement, because Republicans in Congress are still reeling from their ass whooping during the 2015 SOTU, and their revenge strategy of hijacking Income Equality, hilarious.

Those on the front lines, the underpaid American workers marching on the streets of America for a livable wage are the authentic architects of Income Equality. Those underpaid American workers are the wind beneath Income Equality. To any Grifter who thinks he/she can hijack Income Equality, for political reasons, you’re on a fool’s errand. Just saying! ;-D

American workers are a union, a union of honoring our worthiness to receive abundance. That includes, but is not limited to a livable wage. You and I are worthy of Income Equality.

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