One Billion Dollars Up For Grab

Apparently, one billion dollars to fulfill the illusions of wealthy billionaires, has its benefits. First, every Grifter in the Republican and Democratic Parties will be vying for some of those dollars. That’s a lot of money to divide up, so without further ado, let the scamming began.

We, astute observers have a front row seat to witnessing, “Grifters Paradise.” This is freaking awesome. Who would have thunk it, that keeping people forever feeling insecure, while holding out the stick of security, was so expensive. Holy smokes, one billion dollars, from two billionaires, to spend on their fantasies of electing their own politicians, and millions of Americans who have no qualms about that. I rest my case. ;-D

While the cat is away, the mouse will play. We have more opportunities than ever to advance our agenda of Income Equality. While the competition among Grifters grows expeditiously, because the payoff is so high, revenge, insidious lying, deceit, and keeping people confused will be on every Grifter’s, “To Do List” and they will be busy scamming and swindling voters. The best part, our corporate media apparatus will do everything in it’s power to fulfill the illusions of these wealthy billionaires. This is a made for T.V. movie, just saying! ;-D

To anyone not interested in being swindled by a bunch of Grifters masquerading as politicians, keep honoring your worthiness and the worthiness of everyone, because you and I are worthy of Income Equality.