People Get Ready

for our economy to flourish. We’re living in good times, because the minimum wage is fifteen ($15.00) dollars. Our spending pool expeditiously increased and you and I are entrepreneurs, whether we are respecting our environment, mentoring the next generation, or creating more wealth to share, these are just a few of my favorite things about our future. As more and more Americans believe in their own worthiness, so too will our government officials honor our worthiness. Governing from the left side of the brain has its benefits. Just saying! ;-D

Income Equality is already here, it makes people feel so relaxed, who wouldn’t want that? C’mon, admit it, money is as attracted to you as you are attracted to money. We really do belong together. Relax, be not afraid of the resistance political storm swirling and attracting racist, homophobic, and paranoid people. Let them have their fun, it keeps them busy and out of our way. All I can say to them is, “I ain’t made at cha.” ;-D

Equality needs full-time attention, we don’t have the luxury to seek revenge or any other nonsense that is counterproductive. Our focus, our commitment, and our infinite patience are the keys to success. We are the new 21st Century architects of Income Equality, we go where no woman has gone before, Democracy.

You and I are worthy of Income Equality.

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