In Plain Sight

In plain sight Republicans had demonstrated their rules on governing. Governing is about winning elections. After that, anything goes, like a money train with stops at every Conservative organization. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching Republicans pump their chests while proclaiming they won the 2014 elections. They actually become Tarzan and treat all women like Jane. Here’s the best part, once elected to higher office, Republicans do whatever the fuck they want, think only about being elected again, and start a bidding war for their political power. Once they’ve successful sold their political power to impotent billionaires seeking immortality, the Republicans walk around arrogantly while simultaneously playing the victim of Liberal bias. Astute Observers are amused by this tactic and thankful it keeps Republicans occupied and out of way.

C’mon, with impeding news that most of the old Grifters are considering another run at scamming millions of voters, via the 2016 GOP Presidential race, is heaven on earth. I ain’t mad at, I know a Grifter’s Paradise when I see one. ;-D

As happy as I am for Republicans, I’m just as happy for our Democracy. We live in a Democracy where Income Equality is already here, because you and I are worthy of Income Equality.

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