Sense of Entitlement Gone Amok

Who would have thunk it that Mitt Romney’s sense of entitlement had reached a new level? When he pulled the Income Equality rug from up under the other Grifters, you know, those manipulating for the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination, anyway,he [Romney] set in motion, revenge war. Hijacking the new scheme currently making the rounds in Republican politics, you know, blame Income Inequality on the POTUS. Romney like every other Grifter in the GOP presidential pool, have no intentions of ever implemented one policy towards Income Equality, but hey Grifters gotta grift. In real-time, the Republican’s civil war ignited with motives of retaliations. Moderate Republicans or (18th Century) Republicans are peeved, because Romney hijacked their scheme. Tea Party Republicans are in a state of confusion coupled with rage, because they didn’t sign up for weekly public humiliations from a guy they believed they’re superior to. All this and more was made possible by the Republican’s sense of entitlement gone amok. Hey, I ain’t mad at cha. ;-D

Like it or not, we, Elizabeth Warren Democrats have plenty to look forward too. I identify with Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts because she’s aligned with Infinite Patience and Equality. Like those before her, Senator Elizabeth Warren is guided by Wisdom. Relax, Income Equality is already here, thanks to Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Now that I’ve established one of the rules of Income Equality, i.e. a fifteen ($15.00) dollar minimum wage federal law, what say you? Relax, we got this! ;-D

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