State Of Confusion

Feel that state of confusion resonating from Tea Party Republicans? Well, if you were paying attention to politics this week, you and I just witnessed, for the umpteenth time, how embarrassing and weak John Boehner was. If you thought John Boehner was terrible at being Speaker of the House, his latest “Diss” against President Obama, ranks lower. C’mon, appealing the the Dick Cheney side of the Republican Party and dissing the Tea Party Republicans meant one thing. The Republican Party has been in a civil war for some time. We all know Tea Party Republicans live in a state of confusion, they have to be told how John Boehner was “dissing” the President. Unbeknownst to the Tea Party Republicans, John Boehner was retaliating against them. Think about this, your retaliation for getting your ass whooped on national t.v., was inviting some joker to speak to the Congress. I can just see the Tea Party Republicans scratching their heads, while screaming, “WTF, John Boehner, are you kidding me?” Listen, when the corporate media apparatus had to come to the defense of John Boehner, it just reiterated how weak and pathetic John Boehner was.
You can bet that Tea Party Republicans are enraged, because they didn’t sign up for receiving ass whooping after ass whooping, especially on national television from the guy they think they’re superior to. Holy smokes, the civil war in Republican land is on and poppin.

Relax Americans, President Obama got this. ;-D

I heart Income Equality, i.e. fifteen ($15.00) dollar minimum wage federal law, because you and I are worthy of abundance.

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