Income Equality is in the House

The White House if you know what I mean? Those courageous American workers taking a stand against inequality, your lives matter. Income Equality had a good day yesterday and for that, I’m thankful. Corporate America can either raise the minimum wage to fifteen ($15.00) dollars willingly, or unwillingly. It’s no secret that as more and more business owners are aligning with their own conscientious of abundance, honoring the worthiness of their employees, is easy. Like basking in the sunshine on a beach on a tropical island. Relaxed and happy. Who doesn’t want that? ;-D

As usual, political pundits proved their worth last night. Their response to President Obama’s SOTU speech was predictable. It wasn’t quick enough, it wasn’t fast enough, it wasn’t big enough…You get the picture. I ain’t mad at cha, just the opposite, I’m intrigued. Tribal thinking was well represented and for that, I’m thankful.

If you think Republicans harshly criticize President Obama, be in a room full of Liberals. Holy smokes, you’d think you were in a Rupert Murdoch wet dream. Bashing President Obama must be some kind of sport, and those who play well are compensated? Like any other professional sports, the more you score, the better. I get it, that’s just the way it is. ;-D