Dust Off Your Shoulder

Do you know who has a big smile? President Obama’s supporters. Why? Because we were not distracted by the category 5 storm that began swirling around then candidate, Senator Barack Obama in 2007. You know the storm of envy and jealously, which by the way, has been degraded to an category 1 storm. All those detractors who willingly jumped head first into this toxic storm back in 2009, immediately after President Obama’s inaugural speech, today, they’re full of regrets and want back into the sunshine. How do I know? Because the architects of inequality, homophobia, racism, fear, , paranoia, insidious lying, backstabbing, corruptness, and mean spirited, are rushing to the microphone to blame President Obama. Freaking irresistible envy and jealously. ;-D

Dust off your shoulder off, Mr. President.

To those brave enough to stand in support of President Obama and not falter, those with the courage to see beyond the storm, you’re basking in the rays of political success and it feels good. Welcome back detractors, I ain’t mad at cha.

The moral of this story…Don’t go chasing storms, stick to the centered and the power of Infinite Patience.

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