The Wisdom of President Obama

Today, some political pundits are basking in the sunlight of President Obama’s Infinite Patience. I’m going to be honest, back in 2007, I was intrigued by this astute person and felt I was in the right place at the right time. Jackpot!
No sooner than the next day of the first day of the Presidency of President Obama, did his detractors come out the closet in droves. Americans were finding every excuse to vilify President Obama, but that was to be expected. People not use to success, resist it. Six years later, guess what, more and more Americans are attracted to President Obama’s successes. Oh, and by the way, basking in the sunlight feels good. ;-D

On June 18, 2011, I’d tweeted:

“I love it when political pundits reiterate Wall Street’s fantasy that Americans will blame Obama 4 the “bad” economy and high unemployment”

How predictable was that?

If you know anything about Infinite Patience, you just received that gift via President Obama.

Today is a good day for Income Equality.

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