I Feel Excited About President Obama’s Legacy

My wherewithal of acknowledging the brilliancy of President Obama began four years ago, on June, 11, 2011, It was then I’d started recording my insights on the presidency of President Obama and I must say, it was a good day. It gets better, because in real time, there were a few political pundits in the corporate media apparatus that were aligned with and acknowledged the brilliancy of President Obama. The detractors (Easily manipulated Liberals) were out in full force. They turned their backs on our President as early as his 2009 inaugural speech, while my support and others like me never wavered. However, it would take me four years after 2007, to began publicly supporting our President ;-D

My first tweet on June 11, 2011: Can GOP beat Obama? Yes, when cubic Zirconia jewelry is more desirable than diamonds? (I’ve corrected the obvious errors found on my original tweet.)

Are you a eight year supporter of President Obama like I am, or did you jump ship to early and began vilifying him like you worked for FOX? If you’re the latter, welcome back detractors, what took you so long?

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