The Boys Who Cried Wolf

Republicans do one thing and they do it well, cry wolf. They’re going to take away Social Security, Obamacare, raise the retirement age to seventy (70), they’re going to take away the rights of others, i.e. voting, reproductive, social programs, and my favorite, privatize every government institution so the wealthy can accumulate more wealth. Did I miss anything? ;-D Any hoot, why should we care? Seriously, let them be. C’mon, I get why political pundits encourage this one sided fight, it makes for good ratings and more importantly, good paychecks. I ain’t mad at cha. I too have a one sided fight, Income Equality and early retirement at age fifty, (50). What say you?

Here’s the upswing, early retirement with access to social security, coupled with a fifteen ($15.00) dollar minimum wage federal law, will expand our economy. Think about it this way, more money, more spending. American workers are consumers and we love to spending money, so it makes sense investing money on American workers via livable wages. You and I are worthy of Income Equality.

As more and more Americans discover that Republicans are just an illusion, the better off we’ll be.