Healers Have No Boundaries

Healers don’t give a rat’s ass about logistics. This recent shit storm on whether someone should have gone to Paris has its benefits. It exposes people who are envious of our Healer-In-Chief. It exposes those envious people’s fears and most importantly how they gave their power away to an dead, old, white man. I ain’t mad at cha, but please seek professional help.

Income Equality brings a smile to my face and feelings of excitement, you feeling me? Because you and I are worthy of Income Equality and for me that means, a fifteen ($15.00) dollar minimum wage federal law. Also, the retirement age would be lowered to age fifty (50). Income Equality is not a one or two ideal solution, but we’re on the path of honoring every American and our worthiness to receive abundance. The dialogue of the future is not limited to Income Equality, what say you?

Becoming your greatest version will be challenging, for me it’s Blogging. Bloggers are unique and most importantly we are the seventh wonder of the linguistic world. ;-D

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