Resistance is Futile

As more and more Americans assimilated into a conscientiousness of abundance and align with Income Equality, the expansion of well paying jobs with excellent benefits for every hourly workers will trend. We can afford to raise the federal minimum wage law to fifteen ($15.00) dollars. Look at it this way, you and I are worthy of earning a livable wage, we just need to figure out the dollar amount. I say fifteen ($15.00) dollars per hour, you may agree or disagree, but at least we’re on the path to success.

In the coming political elections, we need to prepare to host more 21st Century Progressive candidates. Seriously, are you ready for more Progressive candidates? Progressive as in growth beyond ego and fear. We have a few today and it feels so good. So, align with your vision of a more Progressive Government and it will guide you to success.

Speaking as an self-actualization person, I say the retirement age should be fifty (50). Why, because for some of us our creativity is unleashed at age fifty (50) and it deserves our undivided attention. Not only that, our contribution to hourly workers would be creating a bidding war for exemplary employees, resulting in higher incomes. It’s a win, win.

That same resistance you feel when it comes to exercising, is exactly the same resistance you feel about honoring your worthiness. Just saying! ;-D

You and I are worthy of Income Equality and resistance is futile.

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