I Say This With Kindness

Are you optimistic about your future? If you work in retail, you should. Why? Because you and I are worthy of Income Equality. If you want to work in the retail business, I’ll repeat, “It will take some BIG Cojones to overlook the different personalities at work, remain civil, and cultivate each worker’s greatness.” You’ll feel an army of resistance, like anything else worth having. Income Equality is our birthright and I’m fighting for a fifteen ($15.00) dollar minimum wage federal law. You’ll find that unique way to handle your business and when you do, my hope is that you’ll share it with the rest of us. Oh and by the way, Income Equality is already here.

This cookie cutter propaganda designed by some Executives in retail in order to keep employees feeling unworthy, is old school. Feeling unworthy is one of the two reasons many hourly employees give up their power to bullies. Fear is the other reason. Many hourly employees also fear losing their jobs if they don’t give up their power to bullies. They have good reason. I ain’t mad at cha. Such is life in the retail business, but all is not lost. I’ve met hundred of employees, most of them quit, a few remained, but they were/are talented in their own unique way. Some of them could pissed me off, personality clashes, but hey, I’ve pissed off some of my co-workers, it comes with the territory. It’s easy to put employees on an enemies list, been there, done that, but when you can look beyond the different personalities, accept them, and look forward to cultivating as many talents as you can, that’s priceless.

Bullies come and go, but feeling worthy is growth beyond ego and fear. The Universe is calling you.

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