Lying By Omission

They won’t tell you, but after you accept an hourly position in the retail industry, you’ll be expected to kiss the asses of the meanest bullying customers ever. If hourly retail workers could write letters detailing the verbal ass kicking they receive from bullying customer, it would shock you. Of course, the only letters that count in the corporate offices in the retail business, are the ones written by customers.
Every since I’d been employed, my co-workers have expressed to their supervisors how the shit storm swirls around every time this company’s coupon scam is initiated. Yes, customer after customer throws an conniption fit over this coupon scam to the degree that we respond like robots because we’re so exhausted from lying by omission. We withhold the truth from the customers, which is, “Listen you Broke Ass bitch, this coupon is a scam, designed to duping you into shopping at this store, are you that stupid?” Alas, you and I know that bullying customers can’t handle the truth.

I was once fortunate enough to be working in the men’s department when this customer at the registers, threw a twenty-minute tantrum over this coupon scam. It escalated into her threatening never to shop at this store if she didn’t get her discount. Finally, I gave her my full attention, spoke softly to her while trying to calm her the fuck down by saying, “I want to make you happy, I’ll give you the discount.” Suddenly, like a toddler, her tantrum ended, her face relaxed, and she even said, “Thank You.” I then manually discounted her purchases, she was happy and left, but gave everybody something to talk about. Even the customers chimed in with their opinions. Here’s the consensus, what part of, “Those coupon offers are nothing more than a scam,” don’t you get?

I’ll repeat, you’ll need some BIG Cojones to work in the retail business because a day won’t go by without a supervisor, or bullying customers, or Grifters trying to make you feel unworthy. Well, you and I are worthy of a fifteen ($15.00) dollar minimum wage policy in the retail industry.

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