They Couldn’t Pay Me Enough Money

To be a supervisor at this or any other retail store. The only exception would be if hourly employees were being paid no less than fifteen ($15.00) dollars per hour. Otherwise, they couldn’t pay me enough money to pretend like piling on more misery to underpaid employees has no negative consequences for me. C’mon, how Broke Ass of a person do you have to be to condoned the abusive tactics practiced on hourly workers in the retail business by other Broke Ass Executives. Broke Ass Executives don’t give a rat’s ass about their hourly workers. They waste no time vilifying hourly employees for their own personal gratification. Trust me, I got a bird’s eye view of how the Back Stabbing Bitch conspired with her apprentices into duping hourly workers into giving up their power to Broke Ass Customers. Instead of being on the sales floor making sure that from a customer’s perspective, the store is up to par, no, the Back Stabbing Bitch and her posse would be huddled up in her office plotting revenged against employees not participating in this company’s credit application scam. This kind of leadership is the only reason why turnovers are extremely high and yes, they kept doing the same thing looking for a different outcome. I know, it’s sad, but the saddest part, the Back Stabbing Bitch and her posse got their feelings hurt after I’d turned down their invitation into their cabal. Let me make this clear, they couldn’t pay me enough money to be a supervisor at this store. The thought of working alongside the Back Stabbing Bitch and her posse of Broke Ass supervisors, thanks, but NO THANKS!

I’m keeping it real when I say to anyone thinking about applying for a retail job. Go live with a slob for one month and clean up after him/her without being upset. That’s right, until you can gladly clean up after grown ass people with a smile, don’t apply for a retail job. They won’t tell you, but you will have to give up your power to Broke Ass Customers. Some Broke Ass Customers will want to bully you, others will want to scam you, and some are nasty inconsiderate slobs that you’ll be expected to clean up after. Then like me, you too can hear those heart felt words during your job performance evaluation, “At this time you will not be receiving a raise because your yearly statistics goals weren’t met.”

Not made in America. Honestly folks, your patriotic charade on parade is hysterical. That made in China merchandise that you salivate over, is cheap. It’s poorly made by underpaid employees living in deplorable conditions in countries across the ocean, it’s ship here to America, ticketed with an overpriced tag, and put on display for you to buy. You think it should last forever? How Broke Ass are you? When you bring back items because they felled apart quickly, that look on my face says, “Duh, that’s what cheap shit does, oh and by the way, you’re not fooling anybody, you’re a Broke Ass Customer.”

The Retail Business, the last vessel of subservient American workers.

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