Roll The Dice

Not only did I role the dice, but won the biggest prize. Almost immediately upon arriving at this retail store as an employee, I was given the insight into the most elaborate scheme perpetrated on employees, i.e., “Keeping them forever feeling insecure while holding out the carrot stick of job security.” At this store the work day begins with a rally, in actuality hourly workers are held hostage while a recap of the previous day’s statistics are thrashed down their throats. Depending on the numbers, it was a good day or a bad day. If it was a bad day, it meant employees choose not to participate. The new buzz words in retail are, “They [Employees] choose not to participate.” Synonymous for blaming hourly employees for everything that goes wrong, which is by the way, one of the main responsibilities of the Back Stabbing Bitch and her apprentices. Once the rally had concluded and the dagger was firmly placed in the backs of employees the other back stabbing began. Because attendance is a joke at this retail store, the strategy of harassing hourly employees at home or harassing them at work to coming to work on their day off, to staying late, or coming in early, you name it. So, first the “rally,” then the harassing hour begins. Supervisors spend a great deal of their time at work harassing other employees because attendance is a joke. That’s sad, I know, but the saddest part, is that most employees are seeking revenge when they call out or quit. Trust me, it’s a vicious cycle of bullying, harassing, and back stabbing and it’s the reason you’ll need some BIG Cojones to work in the Retail business.

One of the most disgusting responsibilities store employees have are literally cleaning up after nasty, stinky customers. I know I’m speaking to the choir, but some customers use and leave fitting rooms in the most egregious way. Earth to you shallow people, somebody has to clean up after your BIG FAT MESS and guess what, we’re already underpaid, so fuck you. ;D Let me make this clear, not every customer is guilty. Most customers are respectful and treat all merchandise respectfully. I’m not talking about you, I’m exposing the, “Broke Ass Customers.” For whatever reason, Broke Ass Customers have nothing better to do then to come to this retail store, try on clothes and leave behind them an appalling mess. Here’s the real deal from a customers perspective to the Back Stabbing Bitch. If your message is, “The customers are the reasons why we’re here,” then why do you allow your customers to see and use smelly, nasty, uncleaned fitting rooms? C’mon, it was no secret to me that the Back Stabbing Bitch doesn’t give a rat’s ass about customers, she’s a charlatan. She obviously condones the profits over people scheme which meant delegating the responsibilities of monitoring the fitting rooms to the hourly workers, so now you know, bad customer service literally begins in the boardroom.

Another egregious way this retail store treats their employees, with little or no training. Seriously, I was trained for one day, by a computer program, then on my first shift on the sales floor, I was by myself and I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. Most new employees choose not to participate in this egregious bad customer service scheme. They quit immediately, literally running out the door. If you think the shower scene in the movie, “Psycho” was scary, you should not apply for a retail job. Right off the bat, I had a Norman Bates customer on my first day and she was angry, because she wanted to make a payment on her store credit card with another credit card. This type of payment is not allowed, but it didn’t stop her from berated me like I was her stepchild and then some. But I’ll bet if you asked her if she was guilty of being so egregious, she would probably say she wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Such is life in the retail business, you’re underpaid, overworked, and if you’re like me, you’re grateful for the lucrative stories. ;D

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