Rotten Eggs

If you think bad service in the retail business is rampant, where do you think this attitude is cultivated? Probably, in the boardrooms of the Retail Corporations across the world. How else could retail Executives justify dishonoring hourly employees by underpaying them, while piling on more and more bullshit, especially the responsibility to receiving a verbal ass kicking from bullying customers that could easily escalate into physical violence. Trading profits over the well-being of your employees, is the epitome of bad service. There I said it.

The current Security policy at this retail store is a prime example of what I mean by profits over the well-being of employees. Recently, I had a bird’s eye view of how a lack of judgement on my part was directed by a lack of security in this store. It’s also one of the reasons I would never be in a supervisory position again. The nightmare on Elm street, began when I’d received a call from a delusional Barbara Fife, this store’s newly hired security guard, who was obviously sitting comfortably and safely inside her security room, watching a monitor, demanding I approach a female customer carrying an Micheal Kors expensive ass handbag and take it away, all because delusional Barbara Fife assumed this customer was a grab and steal customer. This kind of Security is a lawsuit waiting to happen. It’s clearly detrimental to the safety and well being of retail employees and as a consequences of low wages, is just piling on more mental bullshit. Instead of hiring adequate security guards to properly handled security, this company decided to delegate the security responsibilities to their underpaid and over worked hourly employees. Thanks, but no thanks. ;D

Yesterday, four young teenagers entered the store, headed to the men’s department to shop in the “Ralph Lauren Polo” section. While loading their favorite items of clothing into their arms. I’d received a distress call from, Security, “Four young boys are in the Polo section, you need to get over there.” Me, the supervisor in charge, called in to handle some suspicion activity. Yea, knowing the high prices on “Polo” clothes, it was suspicious seeing four teenagers stocking up on thousands of dollars of clothes with less than two nickles to rub together, in other words, Broke Ass Customers. C’mon, what the hell was I suppose to do, tackle them, snatch the clothes out of their arms, or give them the evil eye stare. Well this scenario escalated with the four young boys, entering the children’s fitting rooms while I’m being told to follow them by Security. At this point, I’m so exhausted by these young boys antics that I let it be known that they were being watched and their stay in this store had been reigned. They received the message, left the clothes in the waiting area in the children’s fitting room and left. I’ll say it again, “Broke ass people, please stay your broke ass home, because the cowards in those retail boardrooms won’t tell you, but they would love to see your broke ass in prison.

Ran into a couple, a man and woman trying to perpetrate a scam (switched tags), you know, replace an original tag on some expensive clothing with a sale tag, then purchase it at an reduced price, then replace the original tag, bring back to store for a refund aka store credit. Easy pickings at this store for this scam, except in the case of, “The Toddler On Steroids vs the Grifters.” I can easily say that the Toddler On Steroids has an kaleidoscope of talents. One talents is exposing Grifters in their tracks by embarrassing them to the degree of hysteria. You should have seen how quickly those Grifters left this store after being exposed by the Toddler On Steroids. Picture this, I’d the foresight to be walking passed the “Customer Service” area where the Toddler was working. I swear she had glee in her eyes because when she saw me she announced loudly in front of God and everyone else, that the tag on the clothing item these Grifters were attempting to purchase, was switched. Of course I’d joined the fun, I said while looking at the tag, “Oh, yea…(Then I looked at the Grifters)…I’ll be right back with the right tag. By the time I came back, those Grifters were gone. It was a good day!

I love scrubs. Working with a Back Stabbing Bitch, her apprentices, mean girls, and hosting a parade of bullying customers and Grifters gave me very lucrative stories to write. The moral of this story, “What’s done in the dark will eventual come to light.”

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