Back Stabbing Bitch

If you work in the retail business as an hourly worker, then you need to read this blog. Oh, and by the way, fasten your seat belt, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. ;D

Back Stabbing Bitch is the Manager of the department store where I work. This description (Back Stabbing Bitch) came from an ex-supervisor and I thought it was spot on.

Part two of how it came to fruition that the bully known as, “Delusional” had an alliance with the Back Stabbing Bitch. Are you ready for this shit? The day after Christmas, Delusional was still on her war path of being angry because she’s a broke ass customer and bullied the Back Stabbing Bitch into having a talk with me. My crime of standing up to the bully known as Delusional was clearly unacceptable. OK, I get it, I ain’t mad at Back Stabbing Bitch, it’s just the opposite, I’m taking notes, because she’s on notice that she just condoned Delusional behavior of bullying her employees. Lawyer’s paradise.

Was I surprised at Back Stabbing Bitch’s response to my suggestion that Delusional should be ban from shopping at this store? No, just more of the same cowardly behavior I’ve come to expect from her. She told me, “Well, unfortunately, I can’t do anything about that,” and instinctively I knew that cowards were a dime a dozen. Here we have an unreasonably bully customer, terrorizing employees for her own personal gratification and a Manager afraid to stand up to her. Seriously, any encountered with a bully, especially in public, where you work, is humiliating. But, I love standing up to bully customers, because they know that I know, they’re nothing but broke ass people. Don’t have two nickles to rub together. Stay your broke ass home! ;D

Welcome to my world where working with a Back Stabbing Bitch, is priceless.

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