The Bully Pulpit

What can I say, I work in retail, or what some would call, “Customer Service.” Meaning I serve the customer. What if the customer is a bully? Believe it or not, in the two (2) and 1/2 years of working in retail, I’ve seen my share of bullies, most of whom are female, spreading their thirst for berating retail workers in public as if it was a sporting event. I ain’t mad at cha, no just the opposite, I love sporting events too. My strategy is unique and I give props to the strategies of all bullies, so we’re equal. The last woman standing is the winner. The score this week was 2 points for yours truly and 0 points for the Bullies.

Bullies are contentious people, but more importantly, they’re teaching us how to control our emotions. Not an easy task controlling your own emotions, especially when you’re face to face with a bully. You could not imagine the glee in my eyes when I came upon a bully yesterday. Earlier that day, this bully had bullied another Sales Associate for one hour, demanding she track down a coat. What makes this so egregious was the fact it was Christmas Eve. The busiest day of the year in retail and this bully didn’t give a rat’s azz. Oh, it gets better, this particular bully frequents the store to the degree that her reputation precedes her. I’ll sum up what she did in one statement, “She [Bully] had nothing better to do on Christmas Eve, than to come to the store and bully a retail worker for one hour, she [Bully] left, and came back for part two, but her ego got knock the f&*k out by yours truly. Oh and by the way, the bully limp back under the rock from which she came and called the manager on duty to complain. Not only did this manager on duty waste no time mocking this bully’s complaints, but every employee within ear shot, chimed in and ridiculed this bully.” This bully quickly became the laughing stock of broke azz customers. In the retail business, bullies come with the territory, from the boardrooms and from the streets, but they all have one agenda, to intimidate others for their own personal gratification.

Don’t worry, because of these bullies in the retail business, you and I know we are worthy of Income Equality. We’ve earned it. ;D

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