The North Won Again.

Holy smokes, did you see how Infinite Patience wiped the floor with those ego-addicted Republicans? C’mon, that was child’s play compared to how Infinite Patience exposed all those ego-addicted Liberals in sheep’s clothing? I ain’t mad at cha. Oh, and by the way, my favorite, Infinite Patience uplifted America from the ashes of ego-sickness. Just saying! ;D

To the millions of Americans participating in the elaborate corporate media apparatus scheme, you know, the propaganda barrage designed by corporate media to keep us forever feeling insecure, while holding out the carrot stick of security, well, I just want to say, “Thank You,” because the rest of us can enjoy our Democracy.

Bullying in the work environment contributes to bullying at home. Bullying at home contributes to bullying in our politics. Bullying in our politics contributes to bullying in the work environment. A vicious cycle of terror defeated by Income Equality.

A fifteen ($15) dollar minimum wage federal law is an idea whose time has come, because you and I are worthy of abundance.

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