Seriously, You’re Awesome

Ever feel like superman/woman, you know, invincible, unable to be defeated by anyone or anything? With that said, you should feel invincible right now, because you and I are worthy of Income Equality. For me, Income Equality means a fifteen ($15) dollar minimum wage federal law, for you, something entirely different and that’s OK. No matter what, I honor my worthiness and your worthiness to receive abundance. Holy smokes, did you feel that? A new sensation called, “Awesomeness.”

Those with political aspirations should embrace early retirement at age fifty (50) and access to increased social security payments. Comparable to a full-time fifteen ($15) dollar minimum wage income. Each year increasing by 10%. Not only will this create negotiating power for exemplary employees, but companies will compete for them. In turn, they will create more economic success to the degree that many government social programs will be eliminated. The more Americans earning a livable wage, the less government support they’ll need, a win, win situation.

This old habit of creating jobs that underpaid employees is boring, outdated, and gone with the wind. In today’s 21st Century, Income Equality is the new habit. Better recognize. 😀

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