Dick Cheney’s America

Let it be said that I’m an instigator as much as the next instigator. Why, because sometimes, depending on the subject, stirring the pot is fun. Take for example my observation that there are two Americas, the kiss my butt, Dick Cheney’s America, or, the honoring every American’s worthiness to receive abundance America. To the folks participating in Dick Cheney’s America, know this, I ain’t mad at cha! 😀 We can co-exist on this planet, you do you, whatever that means and I’ll do me, as in honoring the worthiness of hourly workers in America by sowing and nourishing the seeds of Income Equality. As fun as that turned out to be, I’m excited about the future of Income Equality and reaping the benefits of a fifteen ($15) dollar minimum wage federal law. New consumers equals new opportunities, new businesses, new neighborhoods, and new financial success for every American. If you’re looking for the first sprouting, look in the mirror, because you and I are worthy of Income Equality.

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