The Brilliancy of President Obama

Ok, the guy is only human, but super human if you ask his opposition. Seriously, President Obama is aligned with Infinite Patience and the rest is history. Back in 2008, Republicans had no qualms deceiving Americans alongside FOXNEWS and other conservative media by proclaiming President Obama was born in Kenya. In an obvious attempt to ill-legitimatize President Obama’s presidency, Republicans not only encouraged this charade, but profited from it. Knowing the consequences of this and their many other dishonest and manipulative tactics, President Obama gave the Republicans what they didn’t want. Enough rope to hang themselves. Today, 2014, with hundreds of successes behind him and more successes ahead of him, President Obama is awesome. I say this with kindness, it’s time to scoff at fear, let go of your egotistical need for righteousness, and relax, because President Obama is the Equalizer.

Listen, sowing and nourishing the seeds of Income Equality and then looking for the first sprouting, requires Infinite Patience. Do you get it now?

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