Relax, Corporations wouldn’t harm a Fly

Yea, I’m talking about the Executives in the Retail Industry. Just because you are an expert at swindling your customers into thinking they’ve entered into a five-star hotel when in reality they just rented a room at the Bates Motel, does not impress me. C’mon, I’m not making this up, retail customers are tricked into believing they shop at Rodeo Drive by a whole bunch of Norman Bates. Seriously, virtually every day I’m confronted by customers, most of whom are female, making a fool out of themselves because they have champagne taste, but beer money. I get it and I ain’t mad at cha. Here’s the deal,“Take your broke azz attitude and stick it where the sun don’t shine.” If you’re mad because you don’t earn enough money, retail workers know all about that.

You and I are worthy of a fifteen ($15) dollar minimum wage federal law.

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