Zero to 100

Republicans will shut down the Government over this immigration issue, because millions of Americans, i.e. Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Liberals, Independents, GLBT, etc…hate President Obama, more than they love their own children. When Republicans say with confidence that, “The american people have spoken,” they’ve earned the right to feel confident. How? By keeping Americans forever feeling insecure while holding out the carrot stick of security, that’s how. Oh, and by the way, if you think our Government is divided, think again and then you should join me in the 21st Century. I’m not kidding, millions of Americans are united, united with hatred. Listen, all I can say to them, “Good luck with that.”

You do have a choice, you could live in fear, or you could be partying up in this bitch. If you’re looking for clues that partying is fun, look in the mirror and start dancing to your favorite recorded song. My favorite, “Zero to 100,” by Drake. Let me leave you with this thought. You and I are worthy of feeling optimistic about our future and we can look forward to “new” challenges to our awareness, like preserving Income Equality.

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