Sister From Another Planet

Better known as a back stabbing bitch and wholly owned subsidiary of the retail industry. Two attributes most supervisors and managers in the retail business aspire to become. Luckily for me, these women are child’s play. I see them coming and they don’t fool me. Here are some more of their stories.

A Sister From Another Planet had the misfortune of being my immediate supervisor and made the big mistake of harassing me, because of my, “statistics.” After years of doing nothing but kissing the ass of the Back Stabbing Bitch, aka the Manager, the Sister From Another Planet was still stuck in a supervisor position. C’mon, did she really think I hadn’t notice? Hell, her brown nose stank like an outdoor toilet. My statistics were the least of her worries, that target on her back was more troubling. If she had been paying attention, my response to her was “Fuck you and fuck your statistics.” I must reiterate, you’ll need BIG cojones to work in the retail business because it’s a bullying paradise and you’ll need BIG cojones to stand up to all those bullies.

“I tell manager on you.” I kid you not, when I say a co-worker screamed those words at me early on during my employment, in front of God and everyone else, it was a day of reckoning. Seriously, a grown ass woman, probably in her sixties, acting more like a toddler on steroids while simultaneously as tall as a toddler was terrorizing every employee who crossed her path. Her sadistic reign ended after she’d met me, because I would just ignore her. Eventually, this Toddler On Steroids bullying behavior got so out of control, the Back Stabbing Bitch, aka the Manager, had to suspend her without pay for one week. How did it come to fruition that the Toddler On Steroids is now an encyclopedia of information about how corrupt the Back Stabbing Bitch, aka the Manager is? The moral of this story, “What’s done in the dark, will come to light.”

Buy one, get the 2nd one free. You would not believe how big of a scam this is. The Executives in this company really do come up with some sorry ass schemes that only provoke anger and frustration for their customer, and guess who is on the receiving end of all that anger and frustrations? Ding, ding, ding, you guessed it, the employees working on the sales floor. OK, not sure how old this scam is, but brace yourself, it’s a scheme made in hell. Recently, the signage on some men’s dress shirt was scripted as, “Buy one, Get one Free.” So the customer does a price check and the price of forty-seven dollars and some change appears on the price check screen. Customer probably says, “Yea, I’ll pay this amount for two dress shirts.” What happens next is scandalous. At the register, the customer is clueless to the sleight of hand trick about to be performed on him. The clerk scans the first dress shirt and the price of forty-seven dollars and seventy cents on the register screen, but after the second dress shirt is scanned, the price of the first shirt changes to reflect a HIGHER price of sixty-nine dollars and fifty cents, while the price for the second shirt is zero. Yes, it’s a scam and depending on how irate the customer reacts, determines his/her compensation.

Executives in the retail industry come up with the most elaborate schemes to swindling the vast majority of their customers, while preaching to their employees, “The customers are the reason we’re here, so even if they make you mad, you need to remember that.”

You either sink or swim in this pool of sharks. ;D