President Obama the Great Equalizer

Many people scoff at this notion, but astute observers are always on the lookout for Professors of Infinite Patience. These Professors, teach us about Infinite Patience everyday while a storm of envy and resentment swirls around them. They remain centered, in the power of the moment, and in the power of Equality. If you’re looking for clues that we’re living in a Democracy, look no further, because President Obama is the great equalizer. Think about the millions of Americans he helped by nourishing their seeds of Equality. Now that Equality has sprouted for millions of Americans, playing it forward, feels exciting. You and I are worthy of Equality, we are deserving of Equality, we’re partying with Equality.

To all those envious and resentful people vilifying President Obama, in the words of Denzel Washington, “You pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud too. That’s a part of it..”

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