Welcome Back

Don’t complain and don’t explain. I don’t give a rat’s azz about you jumping into the storm of envy and resentment towards President Obama, all I care about, is that you’re back. He didn’t go anywhere, you did and the rest is history. Now you’re back to partying with me and all I can say is, “Welcome back.”

There are other Healers who walk among us and she/he give us the opportunity to recognize and learn from her/him the wisdom of Infinite Patience. Be aware that once you go down this path, there’s no turning back. Seriously, did you not recognized the brilliancy of candidate Barack Obama? He executed a flawless campaign, won the 2008 Democratic Presidential nomination, and healed millions of Americans by passing the Affordable Care Act. I was just lucky to recognize greatness starring me right in the face and you rejected it. I’ve been where you are, its no big deal because there are other brilliant Politicians to watch.

Listen, you and I are worthy of receiving the gifts that flow effortlessly from the Healers who walk among us. May I remind you of the words of Denis Waitley, “Expect the best, Plan for the worst, and Prepare to be surprised.” Were you surprised you went from zero to 100 in enthusiasm? Welcome back.

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