The Healer-in-Chief

Still looking for clues that we live in a Democracy? Look no further, because our Healer-in-Chief, President Obama gave Equality to millions of more Americans to the degree that today our world is in a better place. One man aligned with an abundance of healing, that has no enemies, and is currently our POTUS, is why you should be partying with me. Just saying! 😀

Because Healers walk among us everyday, I see them as teachers, teaching us how to heal ourselves and others. Healers remain centered, while the storm of envy and resentment swirls around them. Healers are aligned with Infinite Patience, they enjoy the power of the moment, and they have no qualms about serving Equality to anyone. One of my favorite things about the corporate media apparatus is their obsession with expressing envy and resentment towards President Obama. Oh, you didn’t know, Republicans and their wealthy benefactors express envy and resentment towards those apparently more fortunate. It’s just one of the consequences of keeping people forever feeling insecure while holding out the carrot stick of security. Oh, well, didn’t you see this coming?

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