The Callous Disregard for the Rights and Feelings of Employees

In today’s corporate retail world, the race to the Hades permeates the consciousness of most Executives. C’mon you know some of them compete with each other by creating more ways to screw hourly employees. This farce of opening their doors on Thanksgiving at the earliest time to appease their customer is hilarious. Seriously, we know these same Executives will be enjoying their day(s) off during this holiday, plus getting their freak on by giving the middle finger to some of their hourly employees. These same Executives don’t give a rat’s azz about their employees and we know this because their employees are underpaid. Case closed. Until retail employees receive a liable wage, this discussion on screwing employees out of their Thanksgiving holiday, is futile. It’s just another day in corporate Hades.

I’m thankful that the seeds of a fifteen ($15) dollar minimum wage federal law had sprouted and are growing. Thanksgiving day is everyday in our Democracy.

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